Flesh and Blood

By Lyndsay Croal

His cheeks are like mango flesh, soft and spongy. Fragile. When I hold him in my arms, I know I’ll never let him go. That I’d peel my own skin away to keep him safe. 

I think of when I first met his father, a tropical summer day, a cold lassi in hand as the sun seeded the white sand beach with its warmth. 

‘This spot taken?’ he had asked with his sugar-sweet smile. 

I felt something in the pit of my stomach then, like the weight of a stone being lifted away. A single moment, ripe for the taking.

Lyndsey is a Scottish writer living in Edinburgh. She received a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award for 2020 and is working on her debut SFF novel. She enjoys writing speculative short fiction, and has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies. Find her on Twitter as @writerlynds or via her website www.lyndseycroal.co.uk.