The Flash SOS Course

Bringing stories back to life

Over a weekend, the Flash SOS online course will help you revive a story that’s been gathering dust. We all have a draw of retired flashes: pieces that never felt finished, pieces we loved but were never accepted for publication. Breathe new life into your abandoned stories in this short course. Working with your course mates and the tutor, you’ll transform your story and leave with a toolkit to revitalise your retired writing.


12-14 April 2019


A dedicated online forum space you can access from anywhere in the world. There are 20 spaces on the course.

How much?

£70   Sign up here

What will happen?

You’ll bring a flash piece of up to 500 words to work with.

Friday 12 April

You’ll post it online in the course forum for your tutor and classmates to read; and make some notes for yourself about what inspired the story, what the story is about and what emotion is embedded in the story. It would be great if you’d share this with the group too but it’s not an obligation.

Saturday 13th April

You’ll provide a short critique of your course mates’ stories, and they’ll do the same for you, and the tutor will also give a detailed critique on your story. You’ll start to think about how to rewrite your piece based on the feedback you receive.

Sunday 14th April

You’ll rewrite the flash, either revising what you have or starting from scratch, then post it up for feedback from the group. Your tutor will also give a detailed critique on the new version of the story.

What will you learn?

You’ll discover how to transform your languishing story by considering:

  • if you have fulfilled the promise of the inspiration behind it;
  • if you have really told the story; and
  • if you’ve invoked the emotion you intended.

You’ll look at the ways it can be transformed through point of view, by evoking emotion through sensory detail, and word count – would it be more effective shorter, or longer?


Gillian Walker is a fiction writer based in the UK. Her flash novella The World at the End of the Garden is forthcoming with Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press in 2019 and her fiction can be found in Popshot Quarterly, Ambit, Into the Void and Jellyfish Review. She was a finalist in The Black River Chapbook Competition, spring 2018, the F(r)iction spring flash fiction competition 2017 and nominated for Vestal Review’s Best 17 stories. She is an associate editor for Vestal Review and co-edited the flash and short story collection, Nothing Is As It Was (Retreat West Books).


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