Flash Fest Micro Comp Winners

Everyone who bought a ticket for our Flash Fest was able to submit a micro in advance to win secret prizes and the winners were revealed at the festival on Saturday.

The theme was CONNECTED and we loved reading all the entries and seeing the different ways this was interpreted.

You can read the winning stories on the links below. Many congratulations to our winners!

First place: My Velcro Baby by Rosaleen Lynch

Prize: Experiments in Flash Course – October 2021

We loved this breathless, sad yet hopeful tale of a mother and daughter that can’t connect until they have to. Brilliant one sentence micro packed full of emotion without being sentimental.

Second place: Conscious Connected Breathing: A Beginner’s Guide by Denise Bayes.

Prize: Fantastic Flashing Course – November 2021

Great hermit crab form with the steps for breathing more consciously leading us through the narrator’s journey from hopeless to hopeful.

Third place: All The Women in My World by Eleonora Balsano

Prize: Flash Fiction Fix Mentoring Session 

Brilliant take on the theme and loved the portrayal of connection we can feel with total strangers just because we’re all going through this human experience together.

Highly commended: (dis)Connected by Slawka G. Scarso

Feedback on 5 flash fiction stories (up to 600 words each)

Loved the title and how its meaning is revealed as the story progresses; and the emotional impact that comes from the sparseness and disconnectedness of the prose to tell such a horrific tale.