Fire Themed Flash Winners

Fire Themed Flash Competition Results

This has been a tough decision as all the stories on the shortlist have so much that’s great about them. I’ve been dithering but know that I can dither no longer! So, the following stories have been chosen as the winners and this month we also have a couple of highly commended mentions too.

Congratulations to our winners and well done to all 10 shortlisted writers.

Winner: Yia Yia Burns Olive Leaves To Ward Off The Evil Eye by Michelle Christophorou

Why I chose it: The imagery, atmosphere, setting and use of the senses is fantastic. I was transported to that hot and dusty island. I loved how it surprised me as the ending wasn’t as I expected and the tension didn’t lead where I thought it would. Really great take on the theme.

Read it here



Runner-up: A Fire In Drimnagh by Joe Bedford

Why I chose it: This just kept surprising me. It never went where I thought it was going and the love and regret woven through it were palpable. Despite what he’d done, I was firmly on the narrator’s side and this was a whole world depicted in a very small space.

Read it here



Runner-up: The Future Will Wait by Emily Harrison

Why I chose it: Such a clever mix of lust, sensuality and future regret woven together to tell a tale of a relationship with a now, a past, and a future all without leaving the bed where the characters lay.

Read it here



Highly commended: In The Backyard by Nancy Ludmerer and Warm Hands by Stephanie Percival



Congratulations again to all.

The next theme is WIND and the deadline is 30th June 2019. Winners get cash prizes and published on the website. Get all the info here.



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