Fire Themed Flash Longlist

Fire Themed Flash Competition Longlist

Many thanks to everyone that entered the last themed flash competition. We received 81 entries this time around and have enjoyed reading them all.

Many congratulations to the writers of the stories listed below for making the longlist. Judging is still anonymous so please don’t let us know which is your story if you see it here!

  1. A Fire In Drimnagh
  2. A Woman Burned
  3. All That Remains
  4. Come On Baby, Light My Fire
  5. Diversity
  6. Each Visit Goes Like This
  7. Fire Hazard
  8. Home
  9. Hunger
  10. In the Backyard
  11. Joey’s Final Flight
  12. Kindling
  13. Lay Down Your Arms
  14. Love In The Flames
  15. Master Of The Inferno
  16. Searching
  17. Smoke-Long Story
  18. The Burning
  19. The Burning
  20. The Fire Triangle
  21. The Forest For The Trees
  22. The Future Will Wait
  23. The Love Sonnets of Rossetti
  24. We Lit Fires
  25. Warm Hands
  26. Where Once Were Giants
  27. Yia Yia Burns Olive Leaves To Ward Off The Evil Eye


The shortlist will be announced soon.

The next theme is Wind and the deadline is 30th June 2019. Winners get cash prizes and published on the website. Get all the info here.


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