Our Festival Micro Contest Winners

Everyone who bought a ticket to our Online Flash Fest in March 2022, could submit a micro fiction story to win a prize. These are our winners!

Brown Under the Apple Skin by Steven Patchett

We loved this for the imagery and for the contrast of light and dark, the misunderstanding at the heart of it and for all of the things left unsaid.

Steven wins a place on the Experiments in Flash Course starting 18th April 2022.

Always Sunset by Rosaleen Lynch

This is so intriguing, so unsettling and beautiful at the same time. It transported us to this other world and the last line gave us shivers.

Rosaleen wins a place on the Fantastic Flashing Course starting on 4th April 2022.

If you take a trip through the looking glass, always buy a return ticket by Hilary Ayshford

Love this alternative world story in which the narrator gets all that she thinks she wants but isn’t sure she actually likes it!

Hilary wins a Flash Fix Mentoring Session with Amanda Saint.

Before and After by Clare Elwell

Stunning list story in which the restrained emotion heightens the impact as it deftly reveals so much about the relationship at the heart of it.

Clare wins the Fantastic Flashing Work Alone Course.