February 2022 monthly micro winners

Congratulations again to the writers of our 10 shortlisted stories. Here are the results!

First Prize Winner: Straight Lines by Tracy Fells

Why we chose it: we loved the original take on the theme and the way that the science of how light works was used to bring real emotional resonance to the story while empowering the narrator

Second Prize Winner: Ephemera by Stacey George

Why we chose it: gorgeous imagery and we loved the way light was used to describe how memories appear in our mind and how when you really shine a light on recollections from the past, nothing is as you thought it was

People’s Prize Winner: The Ballad of Oranmore (or When Your Grandmother Knew I was the One) by Paddy Gillies

Shortlisted Stories

There is a Light That Sometimes Goes on by Julia Ruth Smith – Read it here

For Light is Energy and Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Transformed by Jo Withers – Read it here

Everyday Eulogy by Kathryn Clark – Read it here

Words I Sign to My Five-Year-Old When They Stop Our Power by James Montgomery – Read it here

We Follow the Wolf Moon by Kate Simblet – Read it here

Send in the Clowns by Rachel Canwell – Read it here

Summer in November by PJ Stephenson- Read it here

Tracy and Stacey win the cash prizes and Paddy wins a Recordings Only ticket for our March online flash festival.

Well done to everyone!

We’ll be back with the next Monthly Micro prompt on 7th March.