She is Everywhere and Nowhere

Kimberley Shiel

Anna wasn’t my real mom, but she stayed the longest. 

After she left, I relived every fantastical bedtime story she told me, from feeding a baby kangaroo in Australia, to dancing the samba in Rio de Janeiro. 

Dad called her a lying tramp. 

Sometimes, I believe that I chose to travel the globe with my camera because I’m chasing a ghost. 

I met Johnny and his daughter while photographing the CN Tower. 

They want me to stay. 

The empty spot in their toothbrush holder competes with the safety of my toiletry bag. I pray I will make the right decision.

This story won Second Prize in the November 2021 Monthly Micro Competition.

About the author: Kimberley Shiel lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband and their mischievous cat, Maui. By day, she is a professional accountant. By night, she is an amateur writer who appreciates micro fiction and flash fiction. Although now a city girl, Kimberley grew up on a farm. Before becoming an accountant, she studied Psychology. She also enjoys gardening and painting.