Email Writing Courses


To make learning about creative writing more accessible for all, we have made lots of our courses available on our Substack. For as little as £8 a month you can get all of the courses listed below. With more to be added ongoing.

You’ll receive the content via email but it will also be online on our Substack site to access so you can interact with the course tutor and other writers if you want to.

The Mini Novel Course

A 6-tutorial course to get you started with writing your novel. You’ll discover tools to plan and plot your novel, get to know your characters and the world they inhabit and start writing some chapters.

The Five Elements of Fiction

The five elements at the heart of the Taoist philosophy are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This course uses the characteristics associated with each element to find new ways to inspire stories and create memorable narrators that have real depth.

Experiments in Flash

How the universe works  and what we’re here for is a question that humans have asked themselves forever. Spiritual traditions and science all have ideas about the answers to these questions and we’ll be using some of them as inspiration for experimenting with flash fiction.

Storytelling with the Tao

This 12-week course uses chapters of the Tao Te Ching to inspire stories that explore what it means to be human, living now in our times. There are 6 workshops released every 2 weeks featuring a chapter of the Tao, along with associated discussion content linking the chapter to our world today, a short story reading, craft development section, and a writing prompt.