Retreat West Editors


Our editors are novelists, short story writers, creative writing teachers, publishers and journalists and have a wealth of experience helping people to develop their work.



Amanda Saint

Amanda Saint is a novelist, short story writer and features journalist. She’s also the founder of Retreat West, a designer and teacher of online and in-person creative writing courses and workshops, and the commissioning editor and publisher at Retreat West Books. Amanda studied creative writing and literature with the Open University and works with writers at all different stages of their writing careers to help them polish their words.




Rose McGinty

Rose McGinty is a novelist, short story writer and graduate of the Faber Academy Writing a Novel course. Her debut novel, Electric Souk, was a bestseller and she has won numerous short story competitions. She is an insightful editor quick to spot what a story needs and what sits at the heart of a character’s motivation.




Louise Walters

Louise Walters is the author of three novels, Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase (2014), A Life Between Us (2017) and The Road to California (2018). She is also an independent publisher at Louise Walters Books and teaches workshops on characterisation for writing conferences such as The Festival of Writing.





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