Each Autumn I Face A Dilemma Over A Pair Of Gloves

They’re knitted in a shiny yarn with thin, pink stripes that remind me of you, of that pair of lines heralding your brief existence. They were a secret Santa gift. I’d missed the present swap, having called in sick when the bleeding started. 

“You’ll spoil the fun!” my colleague chided, as I messaged to say I’d not be in. 

I returned, hollow, marched past the twinkling lights, gave and received a gift. Tried to match my face to the festive glow. 

I can’t slip my fingers into those glad tidings. But I can’t bring myself to throw them away, either. 

This story was shortlisted in the November monthly micro fiction competition.

About the author:

Katie Holloway has never been able to help being a writer. She is fueled by strong tea and snatches of alone time. Her stories have been published in a number of journals. In 2022 she was awarded a DYCP grant from the Arts Council England. Katie tweets @KatieLHWrites.