Dinosaurs and the Weary by Sarah Kings

Dinosaurs and the Weary

Sarah Kings

Giant dinosaurs sleep on their bellies. Spiked armor on display to ward off enemies. I stand back and admire the great beasts that hide from the world to rest. They persist in their existence, despite a whole people who would call them extinct. I see their magnitude and gargantuan invisibility.

But why do they sleep, when they know we are afraid? Why do they let us say what we say about the asteroids and the great winter? Don’t they know that we fear something lonely, something beyond us. I beg them awake, to rub our heads in this dark night.



About the author: Sarah is a writer, a teacher, and a mother. She has a B.A in English and is currently enrolled in Drexel University’s MFA program in Creative Writing. Sarah has been writing stories, poems, and books for as long as she can remember. Her latest fiction publication can be found in the March issue of La Piccioletta Barca’s Literary Magazine.

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