Courses Comp Winners

We have our winners for the one-off comp we ran in July to win places on our fab courses. We read lots of great stories and are delighted to bring you these three winning stories on the theme of COURSE.

First Place: Pain Relief by Linda Grierson-Irish

Why we chose it: Loved this take on the theme and the course where women are sharing their pain. The women all came to life so vividly and the final line tells us so much about Lil and makes the story hers even though she’s not the narrator.

Second Place: Just Desserts by Alison Wassell

Why we chose it: A whole lifetime of a relationship with food and family contained in 460 words. The daughter-in-law’s defiance about her eating being policed really got me on her side and then the ending upturned everything I’d felt about the mother-in-law.

Third Place: How to Survive on Mars by Cheryl Markosky

Why we chose it: Brilliant take on the theme with the course of a life cleverly being intertwined with a course of an imaginary spaceship. Loved the imagery and the restrained emotion that made it all the more resonant.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash