Conscious Connected Breathing: A Beginner’s Guide

Releases unresolved issues

Inhale. Exhale. How can breathing clear years of anger and suppressed emotion? I flick my eyes open, gaze around at those in cross-legged nirvana. Maybe.

Allows confidence to grow

He destroyed every shred of self-belief. I couldn’t cook, was a useless partner, hopeless mother. His dismissive snort shattered every aspiration. Force the chatterbox monkeys out of your head, the teacher said. Focus on the breath.

Improves physical health

It started with one glass, poured in the kitchen with the fridge open. Hoped his blaring TV would drown out glugging Chardonnay. Ended with clanking bottles smuggled into the bin in the early hours. I inhale. A sensation of blood flowing, purging within.

Experience the sensory body

I hear breathing around me, a wave vibrates from the community of silent strangers.

I feel my mind release the endless spiralling thoughts.

I see my way out of the labyrinth.

This story won Second Prize in the Online Flash Fest Micro Competition.

About the author: Denise Bayes is a teacher in Barcelona who writes short fiction especially Flash and Micro. She has been shortlisted in Retreat West, Flash 500, Wells Literary Festival and NFFD NZ Micro Madness. She loves all things Flash.