When Coffee is in Your DNA by Anne Howkins

When Coffee is in Your DNA

Anne Howkins


Java was his idea.

Find your roots.

I don’t need to.

Aren’t you curious?


The sari was his idea.

You’ll look like a native.

I don’t need to.

It’ll keep beggars away.

It won’t.

The temple was his idea.

Explore your heritage.

I don’t need to.

You do, really.

I don’t.

Being alone was my idea.

Can’t I come?

I don’t want you to.

You do really.

I don’t.

Staying was my idea.

You know I can’t.

I’ve found my roots, it’s what you wanted.

It’s not.

He doesn’t drink coffee now, he says its taste is too bitter.




About the author: Anne writes short fiction when she’s not working for a charity or messing about with her horse. Her work has appeared in Reflex Fiction, Retreat West, Flash 500, Lunate, Bath Flash Anthology and in Shrimps, Gobstoppers and Sour Monkeys, an anthology released by Fosseway Writers, who are an amazingly supportive group.



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