Christmas Advent Comp 2023 Shortlist/Winners

Well done to the writers of the following stories that have gone through to the shortlist and been selected for the Advent Story Countdown! We will publish them once a day starting on 4th December. In advent calendar style, the prizes each writer has won will be announced on publication of the stories!

  • All I Want For Christmas by Cole Beauchamp
  • Boxing Day by Mairead Robinson
  • Cards for Christmas by Lucy Bignall
  • Christmas Realms by Fran Turner
  • Christmas Unravelled by Katie Holloway
  • Doctor, I’m In Trouble by Gordon Pinckheard
  • Kill a Tree by Mikki Aronoff
  • Lottie and me by Rhona Stephens
  • Notes to Self on Christmas Gifts Received and Subsequent New Year’s Resolutions by Taria Karillion
  • The Clicking Keeps me Company by Alan Kennedy
  • What I Learned from Blue Peter by Stephanie Percival
  • Writing Santa by Jan Kaneen

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash