Bottled Up

Donna Greenwood

Here we put our feelings in bottles. It’s safer that way. No red hysteria exploding in the workplace. No blue paranoia sweating beneath the sheets. Our lives are as grey and still as midnight lakes.

No one knows where they keep the bottled feelings or how safely the feelings are stored. We whisper in the sanitised corners of our neat, efficient homes.

‘What if they decide to pop the corks?’

‘What if some radical smashes the bottles to prove a point?’

We don’t worry, of course, our feelings are bottled by experts, and we don’t know how to be afraid.

About the author: Donna L. Greenwood is a writer of flash fiction, short stories and poetry. She has been published widely online and in print. Her most recent works appears in ‘Homemade Weather’ (published by Retreat West) and Molotov Cocktail’s Prize Winners Anthology 6.