BLACK flash comp results

This has been a really hard one to judge and I have gone back and forth and round and round with several stories moving in and out of the top spots. Every single one has so much to like about it. But, I cannot dither any longer so here are the winner and runner-up stories.


Winner: Somewhere in Dubai, a Maid Considers Colors by Christina Dalcher

This is the overall winner for the fact that it says so much, so subtly, about how colour is used in cultural constructs to oppress, separate and confuse. But also how whatever colour we are or wear we always want something different. I loved the way the opening line of the last paragraph initially made me think ‘What, where’s this going now?’ but then made the whole story come together beautifully.

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Runner-Up: Space and Time by Adam Lock

I loved how the narrator’s voice was so strong from the offset as we followed his thoughts on the path that they obviously go down a lot, no matter what conversation he’s having nor who with. Black was never mentioned but you could feel its presence all the way through.

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Runner-Up: Black is the Purest Sound by Rebecca Williams

A clever use of Amy Winehouse’s looks and lyrics to explore the theme. Completely captures how important singers and bands are to teenage girls and loved the how the line ‘This morning mum has already laid my clothes out, a shadow girl on my bed’ made you believe something that the last line blew away in a rainbow of colour. 

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The final flash competition for 2017 has a WHITE theme and a deadline of 31st December as I know writers don’t like to go out and party, they like to stay home and write! Get all the info here.

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