Best Small Fictions Nominations 2019

Best Small Fictions Nominations 2019

We are very proud indeed to be publishing so much good work through our competitions and small press. We think they are all great but could only pick five for this so have nominated the following stories and writers that we published in 2018 for the Sonder Press Best Small Fictions.

The first three were published on the website from the themed flash competitions and the other two appeared in single author collections through Retreat West Books.

  • Unforgettable by David Wiseman (read it here)
  • People Math by Sally Lehman (read it here)
  • Somewhere in Dubai, A Maid Considers Colors by Christina Dalcher (read it here)
  • Shrinking Giants by FJ Morris – published in This is (not about) David Bowie (get a copy here)
  • Barefoot Girls and Corner Boys by Amanda Huggins – published in Separated From The Sea (get a copy here)


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