August 19 Micro Fiction Longlist

We’ve had a brilliant range of stories once again and I’m happy to say whittling down the entries is never an easy task. Often it’s a striking description or the reveal of a universal truth that most resonates. If you’re able to leave us thinking, how did they convey all that in so few words, you’re on to a winner!

We received 126 entries so the winner will get £252 and a free entry to the annual Retreat West Flash Fiction Prize. The runner-up will get a free entry too, plus both stories will be published in the Flash Fiction section of our website.

The final ten will be published next Monday with public voting opening at the same time.

All readings and votes are anonymous so writers if you are on this longlist, please do not tell anyone which story is yours.

Thank you to all who submitted and congrats if you made the longlist!


  • A Day in the Country
  • A to Z of Cautious Driving
  • A Trip to the Barn in a Blizzard
  • At The Lights
  • Change of Direction
  • Driving Down to the Med
  • Her Tiny Fingers
  • I Spy
  • It Takes Two, Doesn’t It?
  • Junk Nest
  • Manspreading
  • Mother’s Final Journey
  • Never Buy a Car From a Shaman
  • No Rear View
  • Our New Angel
  • Our Song
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Papa Always Drove Us
  • Routine and Ordinary People
  • The Day the Sat Nav Broke
  • The End of the Road
  • The Evening Before Driving Back From a Camping Holiday, Mid-August 1977
  • This Above All
  • Unit
  • When Lies Come Undone

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