by Caroline Jenner

You lay the blanket across the sand. Moonlight rays shimmering with phosphorescent memories. Somewhere between dusk and dawn I feel your hand in mine, the warmth of your fingers, as I stretch my toes one last time to feel the tactility of grains against my skin. By morning I will be gone. You will fold me in the blanket, slip me back into the room from where you spirited me away, to be discovered as sun slips through slatted blinds. You’ll accept the call, already knowing the news of my passing and the mystery of the sand between my toes.

Author: Caroline Jenner has been experimenting with writing since she retired four years ago. She has had work accepted for publication by Pure Slush, Free Flash Fiction and Sweetycat Press. Last year she came first in the Hysteria flash fiction competition.

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash