Ash and Cinder by Camille Heenan

Ash and Cinder

Camille Heenan


His world, engulfed in ash and cinder. Strange how in the fire and heat there’s more smoke than flame, more darkness than glow. He stands there in tatters, a rabbit carcass on his head like some kind of wild and primitive king. He’d just shaved yesterday and not thought to take a hat. The burnt patch on his head is aching now.
Looking out across the dam, he glimpses a small green shoot sheltered under a rock beside the water. One life untouched, in all this chaos. He imagines its tiny roots desperately clinging to the earth. He walks on.
About the author: Camille Heenan is an amateur writer who also has a passion for proofreading and editing. She lives in a regional area of Australia and is constantly inspired by where she lives.
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