April Monthly Micro Longlist

It seems our nonsense theme bamboozled a few of you this month, as we had slightly fewer entries than usual, but there’s still some great prizes on offer. We had 99 entries so first prize is £148 and second prize is £99, with the people’s prize to be decided. The shortlist will be published on Monday

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their words. We enjoyed reading them all. Well done to our longlist below. No telling which is yours though!

Longlisted Stories

  1. A Lesson in Nonsense (re)defined
  2. A Tiny Tag
  3. An Audience With Eggs
  4. Baloney!
  5. Birthday Surprise
  6. Bye Bye Baby
  7. Could This be Mankind’s Greatest Discovery
  8. During Her Existential Crisis, Jessica Considered the Impermanency of Maggots
  9. Ella’s Lexicon
  10. Elegy for the King of Chaos
  11. Home Truths and Three Shades of Orange
  12. How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear
  13. How to Experience Remorse: a Six-Point Guide for Parents
  14. I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
  15. Fish Out of Water
  16. My Father
  17. No Further Questions Your Honour
  18. Nonsensical Magnetism
  19. One Giant Leap
  20. Progress
  21. Sister Bernadette Said We Should All Give up Something for Lent
  22. That Summer When Mommy Decided Not to Put Up With Anymore of Daddy’s ‘nonsense’, or When We Got a New Daddy
  23. The Candy Striper
  24. The Patchwork Comforter
  25. The Ridiculous Importance of a Cup
  26. The Sun and the Mooning
  27. Time’s Up
  28. Thyme Served
  29. Vanilla Cake
  30. Why the Jabberwocky Made Perfect Sense to Me

Good luck everyone! We’ll have the shortlist on Monday.