April 2023 Monthly Micro Longlist

Well done and thank you to the 99 writers who submitted stories for this month’s contest which had the prompt word COLLAPSE. Congrats to the writers of the following 26 stories that have made our longlist! There are some amazing titles this month!

The cash prizes this month are £111 for first place and £74 for second.

Longlisted Stories

  • A Sense of Falling
  • A Study on Supernovae and the Creation of Black Holes
  • A widow collapses when she sees ‘new improved recipe’ on her favourite supermarket ready meal
  • As Above, So Below
  • Biscuit Speaks
  • East Meets West
  • Fire Walk
  • Heart Break
  • Heaven is a beach in North Devon
  • How To Build A House Of Cards
  • I Promise
  • Last Saturday at the Holiday Inn
  • Leningradskaya
  • Life Choice
  • Not much longer, my friend
  • Of gods and immortal birds
  • Some Other Yellow Brick Road
  • Stellar Symmetries
  • The Doctor Offers Vertebroplasty to Mrs. Ahuja
  • The Eeezee-Sleep Foldaway Bed left holes in more than the wall
  • The Purpose of a Human Pyramid
  • The Time Until Death of a Yorkshire Coal Miner, 1936
  • The Woodcutter’s Children Prepare for the End
  • Under the Weight of Words
  • When that car overturned, it took you with him
  • Who knew that the bringer of the apocalypse would be here, of all places?

Good luck for the next round everyone. We’ll be back with our shortlist on Monday.