Amok Themed Flash Longlist

Many thanks to everyone who send us their Amok stories. We’ve had a chaotic time reading them all!

Congrats to the writers of the following stories that have made it to the longlist.

  • Alan, On His Birthday
  • All At Sea
  • Becoming A Tree
  • Blue irises, ten abstract nouns and a Chinese reciprocating saw
  • Bulkheaded Dragons
  • Cake And Wake
  • Don’t Touch The Teacher
  • Double fisherman’s knot
  • Love Letter To Dr. Burns
  • Morgaudfesta
  • My procrastination (on the eve of the apocalypse)
  • One More Glass
  • Revenge For Randy
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Starts with an A. ends with K.
  • The Running
  • Twenty Golden Notebooks
  • Uniform
  • Why Rabbits Make Poor Pets

We’ll have the shortlist in early November. Good luck everyone!