Always Sunset

Rosaleen Lynch

The living room sky is the best sky in the house—always sunset. The kitchen has a bright spring morning, the dry room has desert sun and the food cellar has snow. The bathroom, of course, has rain. You have to time it right in the cycle for a shower. Mom wants to upgrade, but the outside sky is running low. All that’s left is unsettled weather. She says it doesn’t matter when we don’t go out any more, but when she’s asleep, we wander the enclosure skyways, with their moonlit ceilings, day and night. We escape through air recycle points, follow hand-drawn nomad maps, past the empty camps, and sit on swings in empty playgrounds, watching the empty sky. It doesn’t scare us.

About the author: Rosaleen Lynch is an Irish youth and community worker and writer in the East End of London with words in lovely places, like Smokelong Quarterly, Jellyfish Review, EllipsisZine, Mslexia, Litro and Fish; and can be found on Twitter @quotes_52 and