Alternative Point Of View

At playtime on the first day of a new term most girls from her class went straight to the freshly painted hopscotch, but not Shelley, she followed the path of the new yellow spiral. Each time she reached the centre she did an elaborate twirl, walked directly back to the beginning, and started again. There was a rhythm to each step like a silent dance. Miss Buckle stared out the first-floor window noisily stirring the spoon in her coffee. From this angle the markings resembled a vinyl record. Shelley was the needle in the groove picking up an unheard melody.

This story won first prize and the people’s prize in the February 2023 monthly micro fiction competition.

About the author:

Sarah has had stories published on and, she is currently writing her memoir in flash, challenging herself to write one hundred pieces of creative non-fiction, each exactly one hundred words long. Follow her on Twitter @reravelling to find out if she succeeds.