After Themed Flash Competition Longlist

Many thanks to all who sent in their AFTER themed stories for our final themed flash comp of 2021. There have been some great takes on the theme and we’re delighted to announce our longlisted titles. Congrats to the writers of the following – no telling which is yours though!

Longlisted Stories

  • After
  • After the Trouble at the Toll Bridge
  • Anywhere That Isn’t Back to What We Left Behind
  • Email from HR
  • Even Out the Ends
  • Growing Up
  • Intermezzo
  • Mayday, Mayday!
  • Onset-winter Proposal That Ends in a Happy Acceptance
  • Scheele’s Green
  • Spanners
  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Horse Pill
  • Things The Fortune Teller Didn’t Tell You When She Read Your Future
  • Usages
  • Views of Mount Fuji
  • Watching the Hourglass: when sand is too precious to lose
  • When Our Tie Turns
  • When The After Came to Stay
  • Who Shall I Say Is Calling?
  • Yusef the Younger

We’ll be back with the shortlist soon. In the meantime, get writing for the first themed flash comp of 2022! It’s a March deadline and you can see the theme and the judge here.