A Dead Man’s Thesaurus

Jan Brown

I thought the word for buried inside a wall – Poe horror stuff – was immolated. Sounds right. 

Immersed? Immured? Immured in a book?

I’m stuck. Literally. Figuratively. I’m dead to the world (Asleep? Hardly). I’m suffocating in inept plastic sheeting and duct-tape. Holed up. A murdered cliché. 

Yet my spirit’s agitating. 

I mentally hammer on the concrete as people pass by, ignoring my silence. 

I strain to breathe the names of my killers and despair as they dissolve, trickling down glass, unheeded. I’m impotent.

Eventually some pathologist will be immersed in my remains. 

Immured. That’s it. I’m immured.

So what’s immolated?

About the author: Jan Brown is a fair-weather writer of flash fiction. She’s enjoyed success with Retreat West and other writing competitions, stories buried somewhere in the archives, and has had two pieces published to date.