March 2021 Monthly Micro Longlist

We received a whopping 166 entries for this month’s WILD theme! So the cash prizes are £249 for first place and £166 for second. Plus there’s the surprise People’s Prize up for grabs too.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered – we have read a lot of stories about wolves this month!

We have a longlist of 47 stories and we are now re-reading and debating to get to our shortlist of 10, which will be published on Monday. We received a few stories this month that had the same title so if you’re wondering if your story is on this list, unless you have received notification in Submittable that you haven’t been longlisted…it is!

Well done to the writers of these stories. No telling anyone which one is yours though!

Monthly Micro Longlist

  1. 24th November – Reading Gaol
  2. A Line In The Moonlight
  3. A Snorkeller’s Song
  4. A Wildlife Documentary in a quiet English village – a few days before Monday 8th March 2021
  5. After Imbolc
  6. After the funeral
  7. Aftermath
  8. An unexpected caller
  9. Angie’s Wilderness Affinity
  10. As the Lights Faded
  11. Booming Ideas
  12. Boundary Hunters
  13. Bring in the Clowns
  14. Cornered
  15. Dandelion
  16. Dearly Departed
  17. Dear at the Winter Solstice
  18. Gift for a Phantom Grandchild
  19. Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
  20. How to Sow a Wildflower Meadow
  21. Howl
  22. I cast a wish upon the tide
  23. I Find The Beeskin Hanging Behind The Bathroom Door
  24. I have become many things
  25. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself
  26. I Remember When You Were a Kestrel, My Love
  27. Inside Out
  28. Jonny
  29. Jungle Line
  30. Le Pain Maudit – Pont-Saint-Esprit 15 August 1951
  31. Lost in the wilderness
  32. Love and Lipstick
  33. My Dreams Are Wild
  34. Nina Kept Spinning
  35. Observations on the Impact of Captivity
  36. Our love is a menagerie
  37. Rewilding
  38. The Lone Wolf
  39. The significance of horses in the dreams of young girls
  40. The squall
  41. The Taming of Jenny Wren
  42. Werewolves in the Glen
  43. What Rachel Needs
  44. Where the Wild Thing Was
  45. Wild horses couldn’t drag me
  46. Wild Through the Generations
  47. Winter was always your Feral Season